MYkind: happy new year!

girl meditating in front of glass house

Forgive me, friends, as I need just one more day to recoop from this exceptionally frantic holiday season. I’ll be back to regular art/design snippets tomorrow, but today? Today I’m having trouble regaining entrance into everyday Internet life. I thought about posting my non-goals for the year (a tradition I look forward to annually!), but am instead find myself pulling the cover over my head for one more snooze day.

I’ll be back in full swing tomorrow. I promise. Until then, I’m so happy to see you in this new and shiny year of 2012. We’re getting so grown up, aren’t we?

p.s. Tell me things. How was your holiday season? I missed you!
[image credit: christina antonovich]

  • Sleep little one, sleep!!

    I hear you, didn’t get out of bed until 2 p.m. today, and it was GLORIOUS. I wish you the same!!

  • Happy New Year Erin. Hope you are feeling better. I’m going to better about commenting on your blog as it’s a daily read, and I have plenty to say about what you post, I’m just lazy! Enjoy the recoup day. You deserve it.

  • Erin, even your recoop day is inspiring, so thank you for showing us you’re human.

    Your site inspired me to approach 2012 by making something with my hands and heart everyday & capturing it on So far, I have 2 down, 363 creative endeavors to go!

    Happy New Year and I’m glad to have met you virtually.

  • omg that is so exciting, jen! wow — i can’t wait to see all that you make this year! :)
    thanks for your sweet words!

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