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pregnant style

Oh, midi skirts. You have been saving me for the past four weeks. Not only do you have a nice, forgiving waistline for the massive expansion that’s happening over here, but you’ve been so sweet to offer coverage, as well. That’s right! I can bend over and not reveal which day of the week it is! (That’s an inside joke for my mother, b/c I used to love my days of the week underwear, and gosh, I’d still don them if I could promise myself to do laundry every 7 days…)

pregnant style

Anyway, I’m going to talk about pregnancy weight gain a bit, OK? I’m quite sure every pregnant gal is different, but for me? The second that stick showed a plus sign, my boobs started morphing into someone else’s. They are massive, and getting dressed requires a ridiculous amount of upstairs support. My hips are also in full birthing position, ready to roar. I don’t know why they decided to prepare themselves so early, but I’m sure I’ll be thanking them profusely in the delivery room.

pregnant style

I’m 25 weeks now (although this photo was taken at like, 21, because I’m a tardy blogger), and although my feet aren’t swelling, my face is. Which is unfortunate for someone who already has above-average cheek action. All of this is to say that it’s crazy natural to want to pause the body clock and yell “Stop with the changes! I’m changed out!”

But then you remember that there’s this tiny you inside, and it can’t help but grow bigger, rounder and larger. And that is a beautiful routine. Grow, grow, grow, little one, and I’ll do my best to make room for you – one stretch mark at a time.


  • Not only are you looking stunning, my dear, but the way you’ve paired a great pregnancy fashion post with the inner monologue that EVERY pregnant woman experiences about the changes our bodies endure…perfection. Subtle, impressive perfection. xoxo

  • I am 18 weeks this week and just getting to the point that pants are too tight, skirts are too short and my boobs are too huge. It’s been a “too too” week over here, so I completely understand… and it helps to remember that you are growing a little one… Loving the bright colors! J

  • after having a baby and watching the moms in my local moms group go through the same things (weight gain, huge boobs, plump faces) I’ve grown to love that transformation because it’s a constant reminder of the amazingly awesome thing that’s happening inside. wow. you look fantastic. I agree with Jess! all the best to you and your growing family.

  • @erinn thank you SO much, errin! it’s so great to hear such encouraging words, and you’re right – it’s a beautiful process full of gratitude!

  • you look beautiful but I totally hear you. I definitely had to go back nearly monthly for additional upstairs support since they were growing like watermelons on steroids, but it made such a difference when I bought the appropriate gear. Going up a size for the downstairs helps too. hands down some of the best purchases I made. That, and fun pair of converse since that’s all I had left to my feet’s name after all the corporate travel flying, each trip inducing a whole new set of swelling. But as you point out, it’s all worth it in the end – you’ll barely remember!

  • @the new diplomats wife — ha – thank you, dear! i’ve already sized up downstairs, so i’m rearin’ to go! :)

    thank you sweet ladies! you’re all so supportive!

  • I absolutely adore these posts. ADORE! I was just looking at photos of me when I was pregnant w/ my little boy, almost 5 years ago now. I realized how crazy puffy my face got, and then my ankles and boobs weren’t too far behind! Luckily the swelling went away practically immediately after I had him. Ahhh, pregnancy. Ain’t it grand?

  • Also, for the record, you will look back on these photos with incredible nostalgia someday. I wish I had *more* photos of me when I was pregnant with Jude, although at the time I would have shot anyone who came within 10 feet of me holding a camera!

  • @Rachel – Ha, that’s the #1 advice I keep getting is to step in front of the camera. I’ll admit; it’s hard when you feel far-from-glamorous, but I’m already loving having this stage fully documented!!!

    Thanks, sweet love. :)

  • I’m not showing a ton yet in my stomach (17 weeks) but I definitely am in my boobs. I swear they were a cup size larger before I was a month along! Also, I love these posts and you look adorable. And I want that skirt.

  • I’m in love with this outfit. I’ve been seeing these colors everywhere and they’re exactly what I want to be looking at for spring. So bright and cheery. Midi skirts can be tricky in my opinion because they hit at a weird place on the leg, but I think the stripes on this totally correct that problem. Heels also help.

    As for pregnancy, body changes sound pretty scary, but as someone without hips or boobs, you’re making it very appealing to me. Thanks for sharing

  • @Ellen – oh you are going to LOVE pregnancy then! :) And would you believe the skirt is from Forever 21? It was an impulse buy that I can’t stop wearing!

  • Even though weight gain and changes to our bodies are normal and expected during pregnancy doesn’t mean that it they are easy to accept! I had a hard time adjusting to my “new body” while I was pregnant with Levi and wrote a lot about it on my blog. I remember how insulted I felt when my husband’s grandmother commented on how much my face “filled out” (her words). I think she meant it as a compliment (like I was too skinny before??), but I just became super self-conscious about my puffy cheeks!

  • you look so FRESH!!! keep growing, you look perfect. can’t wait to “meet” the little nugget you are making!

  • Erin, I love, love how you write. AMEN to everything you wrote. For me, my weight gain was hilarious:

    At about 25 weeks, I gained about 10 pounds overnight. I kept the pregnancy weight gain to about 30 pounds with each kid. Not bad. I also didn’t get swollen while pregnant. Not bad either.

    The weird thing was, I’d gain all of the weight in my face, arms and legs AFTER birth. I’ll never forget coming home from the hospital with a NINE POUND baby, checking out the scale (just for fun, really) and seeing that I had GAINED TWO POUNDS since getting induced. Even worse, was how my maternity clothes were almost too tight in the arms and legs afterwards. So awkward.

    Seriously? I was so afraid that people would ask how far along I was, just after I had had Felix.

  • You’re a dose of sunshine, mama! And the whole body change thing is really gonna throw me for a loop, I’m sure- not looking forward to that. But you do make it look lovely!

  • @pj omg someone just said the same thing to me last week! it definitely doesn’t feel like a compliment, but i like to pretend that’s just the baby’s love spilling over into every corner of my insides. ;)

  • @melissa — omg that is CRAZY! i’ve never heard of that before, but gosh, every body is so, SO different! (if it’s any consolation, i’ve seen pics of you and you were lovely as ever! it’s so funny how hard we can be on ourselves!). :)

  • @jena oh love – i can’t wait to see you go through this! you’ll carry a baby like a pro for sure! i’m pretty sure you glow when you’re NOT pregnant. ;)

  • Erin.

    1. Having just had my second bebe I can R.E.L.A.T.E. to everything you are saying! I’m a tiny girl that morphed into Marilyn Monroe over night. The gals on top DO go back down after you stop nursing, so don’t fret! But I have to warn you because no one warned me…they WILL get bigger. The first week after giving birth is pretty unbelievable. No one ever tells you that, so I’m just giving you the heads up to prepare! :)

    2. Girl…you’ve got that Momma Glow down pat. All bright and cheery and lovely! You rock it! Enjoy this time, but just know the only thing better than being preggo with the first is having the first…and then the second…and possibly a third.


  • Great post! I’m 28 weeks and feeling like a bloated whale! I’ve got a really small build but can actually feel my chubby cheeks wobbling around! And I have to say that I’ve found having big pregnant boobs quite a funny experience. I love your pregnant outfit =)

  • @sarah – awww, you are the sweetest, and thank you for the sound advice! i can’t imagine them getting that much bigger, but i suppose i should brace myself now! :)

  • omg you are just lovely. i read your post and i feel you, lady! i remember! not to scare you or anything but before i got pregnant, i was a nice petite 32B and by the time i gave birth, the girls were akin to footballs (38D), and they started from under my arms. something to look forward to! or not! for me, i did not enjoy having les big breasts. just not me, lady! haha

  • You look absolutely beautiful Erin! I love your honesty…it is quite the journey going through pregnancy and seeing your body change in so many ways SO quickly. I couldn’t believe how HUGE my belly got. And I had a lot of swelling after as well…so odd. I have no doubt that you will look equally as lovely at every stage of pregnancy and motherhood because you are such a beautiful soul. :)

    • @mandy – you’re so kind! motherhood will be such a challenge; that’s for sure! i can’t wait! :)

  • Darling Baby~Mama, So happy to see you blooming and glowing so beautifully. Also, you are doing a great job maintaining your sense of humor and witty prose.Thank you for sharing your journey. xoxo, Dana

  • Long skirt is another way to make preggy mommies to look very fashionable. Most of them wear maternity dress. But this can be a good way too.

  • OOOHHH LOVING the colors in that skirt! You look positively adorable! I’m 10 weeks behind ya, so it’ll be curious to see how my body looks at this same stage as well! RIght now, I’m just thankful I can still zip up my regular pants!

  • Well brace yourself, I went from cup D to cup G when I was pregnant. I didn’t even know there was a size G in bra’s!!!
    I don’t know how old you are, but strechmarks do not happen when you have passed 30 I have been told.

    Good luck and enjoy!!!


    • @simone — oh good to know! ;) i’m almost 29, so i suppose i’ve missed the mark (not so literally!). :)

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