guest post // 3d typography.

Hi, my name is Rena Tom and I am so delighted to be guest posting for Erin while she bathes in newborn baby bliss…or is fitfully napping with her little one.

I’m a small business consultant and just founded Makeshift Society, a coworking space and clubhouse in San Francisco, but my true love is that spot where design, process and handcraft meet, so I thought I’d share what’s really making me happy in that arena right now – 3D handmade typography…

The idea for Makeshift came out of having a great, communal design book library. Books are my obsession and innovative typography is a longtime love, so I was thrilled to discover Iwona Przybyla, who created a magnificent pop-up book from two colors of string. Each 2-page spread forms a three-dimensional letter of the alphabet when the pages are held open at 90 degrees.

(via Design Taxi)

Briar Mark duplicates computer processes by hand, commenting on graphic design and output, fast or slow. (via Visual News)

Thom Isom elevates 70‘s summer camp string on a nail art to the next level with curve-stitch typography. (via Colossal)

Aries Wan devised Stereoscopic Stitch by embroidering two different threads in CMYK colors for each letter to create a 3D effect. (via Typography Served)

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