guest post // amy’s mom advice.

I’m Amy Turn Sharp from Little Alouette. I am honored to come on over to this sparkly space and sit a bit. I know Erin is busy with Bee + enjoying this magical time right now. Seriously. There is nothing like the first few weeks with your baby. It’s like time stands still and there is a silly, sad soundtrack very low in the background. The whole world is brighter, cleaner. I miss that sometimes late at night as I see my oldest son Finnian grow like a weed before my eyes.

Erin asked me to give some advice. I always find this to be a slippery slope. We want information + advice so badly in motherhood. We search it out like explorer’s. But in the end we have to find out everything the hard way, swinging wildly from the motherhood learning curve. Right? It just goes like that.

But! Since she asked:

1. Don’t be judgey. I swear it’s hard. But try and remember that we are all doing the best we can. Really. Don’t be around other judgemental mothers. Tell em to please be quiet, “there’s mothering to do.”

2. Let go of the guilt. Go be free + wild + roam + travel again. Leave your baby sometimes. They won’t die + they will still love you the most in the whole world. Don’t die inside. Wear beautiful clothes and dance all night. Hang out with your friends. Date your partner. You don’t shrivel up when you become a mother. You burst with the whole world. You radiate love. You must follow your bliss. Later, when these babies are big people in the world, they will be in awe of all you did. Go!

3. Write everything down. We forget so quickly the amazing heartbreaking things we think will be with us forever. My mother had a journal, we have blogs. Write it down. It is a love letter to the future. My son asked me last night how old he will be in 60 years. I told him 65 years old. I cried a little to wonder if I would be there with him. Write it down. Give the children a buoy to hold onto when you are gone.

4. Sleep. I never have, but I hear it does wonders.