guest post // liz’s mom advice.

Hi everyone! I’m Liz of Say Yes to Hoboken and I’m so honored to be guest posting today for lovely Erin who is hopefully as we speak getting lots of sleep while Ken paints her toe nails, makes a delicious dinner, and rocks sweet Bee simultaneously (I wouldn’t put it past Ken).

Yesterday my little brother became a father and I’ve been flooded with all those emotions of becoming a parent and the overwhelming love and panicking fear that comes along with that sweet bundle. I’m going to take it upon myself to give Erin some advice as a new parent, not necessarily because I’m really good at being a parent or have a ton of experience (we just have one kid), but merely because I’ve got this virtual soap box to stand on, so I will! As Erin probably has figured out throughout her pregnancy, other moms loooooove to give new moms unsolicited advice.

So, here’s my #1 advice…

Keep your ‘mothers guilt’ in check.
As soon as that baby pops, every new mom immediately feels a new uncomfortable rush of ‘mothers guilt’. You’ve never felt it before, but all of a sudden you are almost certain that you are doing most things wrong as a new parent. And the more you try to correct those sins you’ve found 10 more things that other moms are doing better than you. And this mothers guilt just get worse when preschool and playgroups start. So, give yourself a break and remind yourself that you are an incredible mother just the way you are! Even if that mom at the playground has already taught her 2 yr old to read (and also I hear she gave birth naturally, walking out of the hospital in her size 0 skinny jeans).

For example, nursing is not easy or very natural feeling, at first at least. I’m not sure where this misconception started but nursing can be super hard, and frustrating, and you might feel like you’re fighting with this poor baby who is more clueless than you as to what he or she should be doing during feedings.  So, remember, there is always formula (and as soon as you read this your mothers guilt kicked in). But listen, a nursed baby with a mom who is one bad feeding away from losing it completely and running down the street naked screaming is waaaay worse than a formula fed baby. Just don’t let that mother’s guilt get to you! Keep you head high and don’t look to the left or right.

Good luck with beautiful ‘bee’, Erin!

Photo by Sarah Wert of Modern Kids Photography