holiday gift guide // for the new mom.

Have a new mom on your gift recipient list this year? Here are 11 fantastic gift ideas that will make her smile and [almost!] forget she has spit-up on her new blouse. Happy gifting!:

1.  This spa-in-a-box is healthy and safe for nursing mamas. Pair with two hours of free babysitting so she can indulge on a lazy afternoon. ($59)
2. A chic beaded necklace that doubles as a teether? Genius. ($36.50)
3. Coffee needs no explanation, does it? Delight her with a French Press that’s as stunning as it is utilitarian. ($30)
4. A composition notebook iPhone case is a cheeky reminder that she’s lost her brain for good. Bonus? Her baby will be mesmerized by the high contrast pattern, making for excellent baby Instagrams! ($40)
5. Forget the little black dress; surprise her with a plush, luxurious robe to replace the one she’s worn to shreds. ($96)
6. Gift vouchers for free babysitting and dinner deliveries are simple, yet thoughtful. Extra credit if they never expire! ($2.99)
7. If you can’t gift her sleep, sleep oil is the next best thing. Pair with a massage certificate and you’ve just won Christmas. ($29)
8. A bedtime read that will simultaneously calm her nerves while making her pee with laughter. ($10.83)
9. A perfectly kid-proof iPad frame and stand will be a Godsend when that sweet baby turns 9 months old. ($49.95)
10. This 5-second memory journal is perfect for recording daily milestones and future baby talk. ($8)
11. This handwritten initial necklace donning her baby’s monogram will melt her heart. ($114)

Don’t see anything she’ll love? Five words: Dinner of the Month club. You’re welcome.