all i’ll eat for christmas…


After yesterday’s edible gift guide, my mouth is watering big time and thoughts of sugarplums (literally) are dancing in my head. This will be the first year Ken and I will be home for Christmas, waking up in our own beds in the early morning (with a baby to boot! I feel like I’m in the movies!). Naturally, I want to celebrate the occasion with an insanely delicious meal, because that’s how I celebrate everything. With calories and cheer.

Here are a few recipes I’ll be whipping up (or attempting to, at least) for the ultimate holiday meal!:

1. Bama white barbecue chicken wings are perfectly vinegar-full (one of my favorite ingredients of all time!).
2. Swamp dip is full of spinach and red peppers, so it’s sort of healthy, right?
3. A light spinach salad will make for a great pairing with #5 and #6!
4. I can never eat a lot of bacon jalapeño poppers, so they’re perfect to make and keep around for late night snacking.
5. For the main dish, this oregano chicken with whole wheat greek orzo sounds delightful. Feta’s involved, so it’s an instant win for me.
6. Baked potato soup is sort of a must in the winter.
7. A double chocolate cheesecake. Obviously.
8. These no bake peanut butter truffles are easy to whip up – and even easier to devour.
9. Balsamic and ginger glazed plums for a nice way to fancy up the average ice cream.
10. And a dark chocolate peppermint latte for late night tree-gazing!

Wowza. That’s a lot of eating. What are you guys making for Christmas? And here’s hoping you’ve found some rad dishes to serve your yummies upon!

This post is in partnership with eMeals, the site that taught me how to cook this summer. I’m forever indebted (as is my husband’s belly)!

  • On Christmas Eve, after we put the kiddo to bed, we have a lobster or crab feast with really good wine, lots of butter sauce and garlic bread for dipping. Then we wrap presents. It is one of my favorite nights of the year.

  • Erin, You never fail to amaze. Lovely menu, Lovely cook. Now, am I to assume Ken will be kept busy buzzing with the BEE~BEE whilst you’re in the kitchen? Enjoy every minute of your holiday in Indiana you three! * Merry Christmas*

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