the nerdiest blanket of all.

Sure, your baby might not yet know every digit of Pi, but you’ve got a funny feeling that deep down, he’s really just a nerd at heart. (After all, he’s got your genes.) Enter the Pythagorean Theorem swaddler, an organic blanket printed with nontoxic, vegetable inks and packed with a hefty sense of humor for those brainy babes…

Designed by Tiffany Ard, NerdyBaby was born shortly after Tiffany’s first pregnancy, when Baby Einstein was at the peak of its popularity. “Other parents told me, ‘Oh you’ve got to introduce your children to these things and put them in classes at six months and speak two foreign languages and work on reading skills now…'” says Tiffany. “Parenting magazines and TV commercials emphasized early learning. The pressure was crazy. Nerdy Baby was my fun way of taking all of the “Smart Baby Genius Einstein” things to the logical extreme. If it’s so critical, why are we stopping at colors and shapes and animal names? Let’s do physical laws and geometry formulas!”

A mom and homeschool teacher to two little ones, Tiffany’s business is the definition of a family endeavor. Her kids test new products and package orders while her metalsmith husband transforms her drawings into silver jewelry. By inviting her kids into her work, Tiffany’s teaching them valuable lessons about life, creativity and design.  “My kids say our homeschool’s motto is ‘Science is an art, and Art is a science.” Tiffany writes. “For artists, learning any new medium or method is a straight-up scientific method. What happens if I do this? And what if I do this and this?”

Check out Tiffany’s line of smart and quirky finds at Uncommon Goods, NerdyBaby and Think Geek.

p.s. I totally had to look up what a pythagorean theorem was. Here’s the answer!
p.p.s. Thanks to Megan Peters for this inside scoop!