I have a love/hate relationship with confetti. Sure, it’s beautiful in the moment – a dazzling display of color and whimsy – but then there’s clean-up. And more clean-up. And still more clean-up, months later when you find bits of hued paper remnants stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Enter Throw & Grow confetti, a genius creation that blooms into beautiful wildflowers wherever it may land!

Designed by Niko Niko (which means “Say Cheese!” in Japanese!), Throw & Grow confetti ($15) is biodegradable, eco-friendly and wisely flat-packed for easy gift-giving and shipping. Arriving with handmade wildflower seeds disguised as confetti, it’s the perfect way to leave a trail of happiness months after the celebration has ended.

A beautiful reminder to grow where we’re planted, yes? (Or in this case, where we’re tossed with celebratory glee!)

Image Credits: Niko Niko

p.s. Confetti-inspired cough drops!


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