A Leg Up

Art director Kate Law noticed a pretty significant gap in the market for boys: leggings that weren’t overtly girly. “My boys used to attend a circus school at weekends and I would send them in crazy coloured and garish patterned leggings – normally reserved for girls – when they were young enough not to argue!” And although the boys didn’t mind, Kate did. “I wanted an accessible and universal unisex staple brand with an edge that didn’t patronise children’s taste,” she writes.

And so, La Loi was born – a premiere line of unisex leggings designed for all genders.

As an art director, Kate’s experience has given her access to a pool of resources – from illustrators to fine artists, photographers and typographers – making each collaborative collection as inspired as the last. And with an eye for graphic elements, Kate pays special attention to print quality. “Fabric composition is specifically sourced to give the optimum base for the ink to key, avoiding cracking or fading on areas exposed to most wear and flexing,” she notes.

Bottom line? An everyday basic gets a boy-friendly, powerhouse design makeover at just £39 a pop. Let’s hear it for the boys.

Image Credit: La Loi

p.s. Pajamas for boys!

  • What a terrific idea, leggings for boys, where do I find them? I have been dressing my son in leggings for some time now and he just loves them. Right now he wears just the plain black ankle length tights but I am sure he would love getting a few pairs of those lovely patterned leggings for his birthday. It would be so nice if we could shop together for boy’s leggings. Right now is have to pick them out myself as I am sure he wouldn’t where any that I pick out of the girls department at Walmart.

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