patience hodgson birthmark

After a weekend of celebrating independence and beauty and freedom, it only seemed fitting to share a few inspired words from Patience Hodgson, lead singer of the Australian band The Grates. She was recently photographed by Natalie McComas as part of an oh-so-necessary portrait series titled Beautiful in this Skin – a celebration of unique formations and the inspired bodies they decorate.

Patience grew up with a large, rare port wine stain birthmark, otherwise known as Klippel Trenaway Sydrome, covering half of her upper body. She speaks delicately – almost affectionately – about her condition, a beautiful picture of what it means to accept yourself, slightly flawed, as a perfect and intended creation. “I love my birthmark’s spectrum of colour,” Patience writes. “When I’m warm it’s a kind of red-purple, like the colour of some plums and when I’m cold it’s a vivid, almost neon blue.”

She goes on to note that she sees her skin as a super power. “It’s a kind of protective barrier protecting me against non-accepting and unthoughtful people,” she writes.

Bam. What an inspired thought, yes? That the flaws we hold are, instead, gifts packaged with perspective. Marked with beauty. Perfectly wrapped in the loveliest of paper, the color of port wine. Happy Monday, friends.

Image Credit: Natalie McComas

p.s. On body image and self worth.

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