Flash Baby Gift!

I’m always on the hunt for quirky baby gifts that area (1) easy to personalize, and (2) easy to mail. With so many friends and colleagues spread throughout the states, it’s important to me to celebrate the milestones with a sweet snail mail surprise. So of course, I was crazy thrilled to find these darling handmade flashcards from Hong Kong-based artist Rabbiteartwo.

Tiny, quirky, handmade and inexpensive ($17.31) – behold, the perfect shippable baby gift. I plan to purchase a few to have on hand so I can justify the international shipping expense, but really – what mama wouldn’t beam with joy to see her baby’s name scrawled onto a custom flashcard set? Simply perfect.

Happy gifting!

Image Credits: Rabbiteartwo / Etsy

p.s. My other favorite personalized baby gift is also an Etsy find!