A Virtual Baby Shower

I love the idea of throwing a virtual baby shower for expectant mamas. The Internet just has this way of allowing us to foster deep connections within any zip code range, and really, what better way to celebrate those relationships than welcoming their kin? Anyway, my beautiful e-friend Katie (and founder of Puj!) is expecting a Halloween baby, so a few of her favorite brands and bloggers are offering products, tips and advice on her upcoming transition (not that she needs it, seasoned mother of three boys herself!). Today is Day 3 of the week-long shower, and I’m sharing a bit of wise words I’ve learned about self-care as a mother:

Feel free to join me in celebrating the new addition to Katie’s family – and while you’re at it, you can enter a giveaway for some seriously rad products (the timi & leslie bag and puj tub were both on my registry, so you’ll spot some familiar faces!).

Congratulations, friend! All my love.

  • Erin, your whole website is filled with goodness. I mean, your talent is clear, but we’re so lucky to get to know your kindness and wisdom for ourselves. Your contribution may be my favorite part of this week celebrating Katie. I’m just left wishing there weren’t so many zip codes between all of us.

    • Oh Kelli – you are such a kind, sweet soul! Thank you for your words and support – if you’re ever in the midwest, please stop by! :)

  • Katie’s baby celebration is such a fun idea! Your care contribution is beautifully spoken. I don’t have any kids myself, but I shared it with the women in my office that do.

  • That is a seriously impressive giveaway! I wish I still had little
    babies around, because I would enter it!

  • Erin, your motherly advice is so spot on and I could not agree with you more. Your blog is such an asset to those of us looking for clean design and a deeper appreciation for parenthood. You always have such a happy upbeat tone and recognize the enjoyment of this precious opportunity we have as parents. Thanks for spreading the word about the Puj Giveaway. I can’t thank you enough. All the best to you and your sweet family. Cheers, Katie Richardson

    • Oh Katie – you are such a kind, sweet soul! Thank you for including me – I’m just so thrilled to watch your family grow (and see the amazing products you birth along the way!). You’re an inspiration to many, present company included! Here’s hoping we’re in the same zip code soon! :)

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