Last weekend, I took Bee on a road trip down south to visit my parents. The winding roads were therapeutic for me, conjuring up old memories of childhood summers, teenage falls, grown-up winters. My parents have lived in the same home for all of my life, nestled in a quiet neighborhood in the small town I was raised – a living and breathing time capsule of years passed. And each time I visit, the familiar scent of home greets me as soon as the front door creaks open.

It’s a scent I’d bottle up in a second, immediately offering feelings of comfort and love and family. And now I can…

Designer Amy Radcliffe’s latest invention captures smells (no joke!) with Scent-ography, an – for lack of a better term – odor camera. There’s a tutorial for how it works here and although it’s not yet available to the general public, I’m watching with an open jaw and inspired mind.


Technology is an amazing thing, yes? I mean, of course a scent camera should exist. If we can capture light and sound, why shouldn’t we be able to capture scent?

Still, my mind is reeling with how this invention works, and it’s such a great example of just how quickly we forget the old childhood adage that “Anything is possible if you believe it is so.” How quickly do we get wrapped up in the day-to-day trials and worries and distractions, never seeking something larger or bigger or – dare I say – impossible?

I can’t wait to see big things from Amy and her scent-ography invention. But more so, I can’t wait to see the big things that come from those inspired by her – by those who challenge themselves to dare and dream and do.

scentography by scentography by amy radcliffeamy radcliffe

By those who challenge themselves to capture the impossible.

Image Credits: Amy Radcliffe

p.s. Another genius invention.

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