Photos & Pearls

These photos of Bee are some of my most treasured because they’re real and true and so… everyday. We pad around in our pajamas as long as we can around here, rubbing the sleep from our eyes until 10am when it’s time to get up and get moving and tackle a day’s adventures. But our mornings? Our mornings are exactly what I’ll remember about Bee in the stage she’s in.

I’ve been inspired lately to take more everyday photos of Bee – to sit back and observe her moments through the lens of a camera (which always offers such a different perspective, you know?). Hideaki Hamada does a brilliant job of this, capturing his sons Haru and Mina in the midst of each random adventure that childhood brings.

Because when you’re a child, everything is an adventure, yes?

Sometimes, it takes just one photo to tell the story of a sibling’s relationship – the bright eyes and crinkled noses and uproarious laughter. Sometimes, it takes just one photo to tell the story of anything.

If our lives are precious necklaces, each moment is a pearl strung together by the day. The millions of board books read and re-read, the dozens of sliced grapes, the minutes of toddler tantrums. The hours of melting hearts.

The bumps we kiss, the hearts we soothe, the words we use. They all mean an awful lot, don’t they?

And sometimes, a photo reminds us of this. That in a sea of costume jewelry, these pearl necklaces are the only thing we’ve got to our names.

Image Credits: Hideaki Hamada

p.s. Another everyday photo series.

  • Oh so true! Some of my faves are the candids, the slightly blurry smile, the first instant of that temper tantrum. And heave knows he’s moving so much now it’s hard to get a good clear “portrait” shot anyway! = )

  • These sweet moments you describe are exactly what makes it worth it to get up another day and do it all over again. I try to remind myself on the really really hard days to look for those pearls and press on :). Great post!

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