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You can always tell when the Loechners have a project in the works, because there are extra dishes in the sink and repeat jazz music on the speakers and it usually means one of us is procrastinating on an even bigger project. For the past year, Ken’s been slowly-but-surely finishing our basement (that man is so multi-talented, it’s insane) and I’ve been editing a friend’s book and well, generally running the show over here and then there’s this girl that makes it really easy to just call the whole thing off and play Dominoes on the floor. But for the most part, things have been busy in the perfect way, the kind where you crawl into bed at the end of the night with a heavy feeling in your muscles and your brains and your bones, but a light feeling in your head and heart. Hard work is so, so good for the soul.

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Indeed, this weekend was a project weekend: Candi Staton on Pandora and the always familiar leaning tower of pizza plates. Ken and I created a fun art installation to announce the new Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection with color palettes inspired by global destinations (Bangkok, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Mykonos). It’s a project that I’ll share next week when it’s finished – and one that opened our minds to something really, really big.


(More to come.) In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek above. And here’s how Bee stays busy while we stick things on our wall.

How was your weekend?

Image Credits: Ken Loechner in partnership with Post-it Brand Colors of the World

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