Keeping In Touch

One of my favorite social channels is Instagram because of the ease in which it depicts the truest sense of my everyday life. From overseas adventures to hallway shenanigans, it’s our snapshot of today, one that I know I’ll be so grateful to have tomorrow. The only downside? My family members that aren’t on Instagram don’t get nearly as many updates as they’d like, and I find myself constantly emailing links to individual Instagram photos when I receive a request for Bee photos. Until now!

Kidpost is a genius service that allows you to enter an email address for your loved ones (specifically those not tech-inclined) to receive your Facebook, Instagram, Vine or Twitter (even Dropbox!) updates directly to their email. It’s the perfect way for your English grandmother to keep up with your kids’ photos without you having to teach her how to navigate the chatty world of social media.

Tell me, what are a few methods you use to keep your family members up to date with your kids’ latest and greatest? I’d love to hear!

  • I send the grandparents and immediate aunts/uncles a weekly email on Friday morning with 5-6 pictures of my daughter and a few words about what we did. It takes me less than 5 minutes and they all look forward to it. They then pass on the pictures to other family/friends and everyone is in the loop through the one update I do each week. :)

  • Luckily both sets of grandparents are in contact with Forrest weekly, and both grandmas read my blog, so they’re totally in touch. I should use this to keep my hubby updated, though, since he doesn’t instagram so he misses out on some of our little moments. Silly man. = )

    • Ha – so silly. Ken always “forgets” to log in to Instagram. :) Love that both grandparents are so involved with Forrest!!! They’re such blessings, aren’t they?

  • We use flickr for our family to stay in touch but I love the idea of this! Thanks for sharing!

  • We use the photo stream function on our iPhones, which lets you basically host a private photo sharing site with anyone who has any apple product (iPad, computer, or iPhone). Even the grandparents have at least one of those and it really works out great – there’s even a little sound when they receive a new photo (they call it the “Owen sound”). It works so well for us!

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