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I’m fully convinced that no one really sets out to build palaces; it just sort of happens. We’re grocery shopping and bill paying and Target-going and then, all the sudden, our home is stuffed and our hearts are not. So we move to a bigger house or trade in for a newer model and there, that’s better. But – like all things – the cycle continues when the shiny turns dull and then, over time, we’ve curated quite a palace for ourselves.

The sad thing, of course, is that palaces are hard to crumble. There are higher towers, thicker walls, deeper moats. It becomes a fight to keep others out and ourselves in – and, sometimes most of all, to keep the happily ever after ending we think we deserve alive and well.

So I’m loving this gentle reminder from Yield Design, who just recently launched a headline series offering free prints (with a $2 shipping fee) to spread messages of positivity. You can request this one here (I just did) and promptly place it somewhere in your own palace, ripe for the crumbling.

Image Credit: Yield Design

p.s. Other beautiful posters.

  • Love what Yield Design is doing! Sometimes we need these little reminders. When you work for the interior design biz, it can often be mislead for the “building palaces” biz. At Rethink, we try to discover our client’s true identity (their brand) and design meaningful, long-lasting spaces around them.

    • I hear ya! I’ve often struggled with feeling like design is “fluff,” but when you think about the conversations you’re facilitating and the comfort you’re creating in someone’s space, it paints a different picture. :) Design is much deeper than we give it credit for! :)

      • I think all topics have the potential to be shallow or deep. I get frustrated with the design world at times because so much of the conversation is fluff (“Do you karate chop pillows?” comes immediately to mind…), but questions of how and why we design our homes always ultimately lead to how we live our lives, as you beautifully illustrate in this post.

  • Very well written. Just recently, my family started getting rid of things and have not bought anything (besides the necessities) in the last 4 months. It’s been liberating! Our house has more space and we’ve gotten more creative with problem-solving. This is definitely a good thing to remember!

  • Needed this today. Thank you for the reminder!

    Btw, did I tell you? I’m PREGNANT! :) Due in January 2015.

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