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We’re not mega gift-givers in our home, often preferring to opt for adventures or time together rather than wrapped sentiments. But, I do so enjoy finding and choosing the perfect thoughtful trinkets for my family – small gestures of my appreciation for the love and warmth they share with me daily. Here’s a sneak peek of what I wrapped for Ken and Bee this year (luckily, Ken doesn’t read my blog and Bee doesn’t read words that aren’t “cat”, so I think we’re good to share?)

Bee! You’re not getting a cat! Sorry for the false alarm.

Let’s move on.

Ken has this core group of gentlemen in his life, aptly named The Gentlemen’s Society. I don’t know why they’ve named themselves, but I do know that names make everything officially official, and so in that vein, I get it. When paired together, this crew is just… incorrigible. In the best way. They get together bi-monthly and drink whiskey and listen to really, terribly loud music and muse about life until 3am. It’s amazing, especially when presented with the knowledge that the gentlemens’ wives all get together maybe monthly for an unofficially-named dinner and wine and are home in a flash, promptly tucked into bed by 10:30pm.

Boys and girls, man. Different worlds.

So this year, as an ode to The Gentlmen’s Society, I gifted Ken these. He’s going to be thrilled for reasons that I – a non-cocktail-drinker – cannot comprehend other than apparently ice makes drinks watery and gross? I don’t know. This is why I do wine. No fancy rules; just pour. My style.

For Bee? These, of course. We will never, ever, ever get our fill on blocks in this household. I just love them. My mother raised us fairly Montessori-ish before we all realized that was a thing and her influence in my parenting style cannot be shaken. I hear her words often, echoing philosophies that leap far beyond sharing and juice boxes – finish what you start, try new things, make it your own – and I don’t know, blocks teach so much of those traits. Patience and steadfastness and diligence and focus and creativity and good, good play. I’m a fan.

Tell me, what are you planning to gift this year? If you’re in need of ideas, you’re in luck. Here’s a Pinterest board with a few of my favorite goodies online, just in case you’re not in the mood to brave Black Friday crowds. (I am never in that mood – three cheers for free shipping!)

Merry upcoming Christmas, friends. May your favorite gift be today.

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  • I’ve been away too long from my family.
    I live in Bali, always hot and steamy.
    I miss white snow and cold weather for so long.
    it is a surprise gift for my whole family when I get there.(Germany).
    I think myself will be great surprise xmas gift for them all. Not to mention some unique handcrafted jewelry for each.
    Mary Xmas to you all. Wish all the best for the new year.

  • I agree! Block are great toys! I always try to give toys that support open-ended play and spark my kids’ creativity. This year, it’s Lego for my 6 and 4 year old, and thrifted wooden blocks for my one year old.

  • I love this post. You write with so much compassion. Reading your words makes my heart feel full. Thank you.

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