Ode To Puzzles

This was my weekend, basically. I’d tipped the scale a bit too much in November with two whirlwind trips to Nashville and New York, three all-nighters and a jam-packed holiday schedule (and surrounding cheese platters) that left my body physically incapable of showering yesterday. And so it was to be, the puzzle.

Can we pause for a bit and talk about how incredibly underrated puzzles are? I’ve become borderline obsessed. And when I say borderline, I mean completely I’m in a bad place with it. Like, Bee and I will be at the grocery store lingering over which kind of coconut milk we need and I get all frustrated all the sudden, thinking “What am I doing here? I’ve got a puzzle I need to get to!”

Some have plants. Or magazines. Or their favorite show. I suppose I have puzzles.

Anyway, here’s a recipe for a brilliant winter ahead: Sift together equal parts puzzle, red wine, Johnnyswim on Pandora. Serve chilled, with wool socks and sweatpants. Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

p.s. Hat tip to Susan who introduced me to the alphabet/mystery series of puzzles (pictured), of which I cannot end. Start with this one!

  • Haha – I love puzzles! They are also great activities at extended family events where you quickly run out of things to talk about, and for rainy beach days. Underrated indeed!

  • I love puzzles, especially at Christmas! We do the Ravensburger Christmas special every year… But this year I’ve got the Transit graphics puzzle under the tree (check it out on Amazon, v cool!)

  • Okay, I’m not a puzzle girl but this year I got sucked into a really hard one I pulled out for my puzzle-loving extended family and stayed up waaay to long crouched over a card table Friday night trying to find that darn piece that ties these two together – wait, I just found the red one with the splotch of yellow, score! I’ve been afraid to go back to it… = )

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