Basement, Check.

And just like that, just like a snap of the fingers and a flip of the page, the basement is finished.

For those of you new to my psuedo-neighborhood, Ken and I (the “and I” should be loosely referenced), have been renovating our home in the Midwest for oh, five years now? We shared two years (24 episodes!) of the process for, and you can see a few of those highlights here. We then had a baby and took a break from manual labor to learn how to change diapers and successfully negotiate with various irrationalities, but there was one space we still needed to tackle: the basement.

It used to look like this (gross photo alert), looooong before we moved in and long before Ken became an accidental expert in mold remediation (and I wore a Hazmat suit). And now, it looks like this.

Enjoy the video to the left and for details on each space, feel free to explore the snippets we’ve shared along the way – from kids corner to bar/game area and of course, the home theater!

For now, it’s time to hang the power tools on their respective shelves and commence our regularly scheduled hibernation: chili bowls, movie nights and pillow forts galore. Stay warm, friends!

This project has been brought to you by our friends at, where you can, indeed, find everything home!

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