Outfits 25 (Part 1)

I am a woman of my word, mostly, except for the one time I lied to a pug-loving co-worker and said I had a pug, hoping she’d be my friend, but it turns out she had a pug, too, and wanted to set up a dog playdate and was I available next Saturday? And then everything naturally fell apart, as it does when you make up Winnie, the 11-year-old half-blind pug that was never available for Saturday playdates.

I don’t know, it was a dark time, those early L.A. days.

But, I’ve grown up, and now I really and truly am a woman of my word, which is why – last weekend while Ken was in Toronto – I stayed up way too late playing dress-up in a makeshift studio in our basement. (Hat tip to Renaissance Ken for setting everything up, then patiently walking me through how to operate the self-timer all by my big self. The man is a saint, truly, and if you like this series at all, he’s the one to thank!)

As promised, I’ll be sharing the outfits I wear from my Wardrobe 25 – a minimal closet experiment of sorts. The details are here, if you’ve missed them, and today I’m sharing the first 5 outfits I’ve been wearing over the past three months. Everything is labeled/numbered, just in case you’re in the market for something similar (the numbered links that follow aren’t exact replicas, as most of my pieces aren’t currently in season, but these are fairly close!):

OUTFIT #1: 021 / 025 / 023 / 010
OUTFIT #2: 002006 /022
OUTFIT #3: 014019023 / 011
OUTFIT #4: 015 / 012 / 017
OUTFIT #5: 016 / 024 / 011

Also, here’s a caveat for you, in the interest of full disclosure and perhaps redeeming my earlier referenced pug story:

Mostly, this month in particular, the black leggings and easy-to-launder tops are getting the bulk of the attention, and I have been wearing my winter boots on the daily. There is quite a bit of snow on the ground and quite a bit of hibernating on my agenda, so dressing up and feeling put-together is not of the utmost importance. So, basically, I’ve been wearing some version of Outfit 4 (top+leggings) with snow boots, daily. Also, bath robe.

I do not, I repeat, do not intend to (nor do I advise you to) wear black heels or shoes-sans-socks in the icy dead of a Midwestern winter. I did, however, wear black heels and shoes-sans-socks at a conference last week, and also for a Christmas dinner, and again when we had a weird 55 degree streak in early November. So, woman of my word! Redemption!

And so, for the sake of creativity and experimentation, I’ll plan to photograph 25 different looks I’d wear if I weren’t currently hibernating; a few that I wore quite a bit in November and December – to church, to conferences, to meetings, to playdates, to dinners, to celebrations – and some I plan to wear in the coming months until the ground below us thaws. Deal?


Part 2 will come next week! Stay tuned…

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