Feeling Spring

This post was written with and for Glade – thanks for reading!

So, shortly after publishing this post, it snowed. It snowed and snowed and then stuck to the pavement, and the result was an extra three inches on the ground, and perhaps an extra three inches around my waist from eating my emotions. But you know, patience is something I’ve been working on – quite a lot lately, in fact – so I put the chips and guacamole away and rallied myself as wintery sleet swirled outside my window: OK Loechner. Make your own spring.

And so, first things first: the proper playlist was in order. Billie Holiday fit the bill nicely, and as her soulfully quirky jazz notes coursed through our home, I nearly saw an inch of white blanket snow melt instantaneously, and could it be – is that a yellow tulip?

It was not, but for a moment, it was.

Next up? We shall clean, I announce to no one in particular. The bedroom was in a sorry state with luggage stacks and mismatched shoes and laundry from two trips ago huddling in the corner, as if fearful of its own presence. The job simply could not be tackled with Billie alone, and so, I conjured up my second-best defense: aroma.

I like my scents fresh and clean with just enough pick-me-up, so Clean Linen on a wax melts warmer did the trick. In no time flat, the mountains of laundry seemed like merely molehills and before long I nearly talked myself into thinking that perhaps if we sit on the bed long enough together – me and the laundry – maybe, just maybe we could bypass washing the clothes completely? Perhaps we could trick ourselves out of a job? But then, Ms. Holiday and the scent of line-dried laundry smacked me back to my senses and so, Operation Springtime continued. The show must go on.

I sorted and sifted and laundered between dance party breaks with Billie, and once we got in a groove, I couldn’t be stopped. The mirrors were cleaned, the nightstands dusted, the rugs swept, and four laundry cycles later, the day was finishing and my bedroom had quite a lot to show for it. Like a freshly showered lady ready to be dressed, I fancied up the bed with a few throw pillows from the living room, hyacinths on the nightstand and – yes, of course – some good reads.

Turns out I don’t need sunshine or manicured toes to feel like spring – I need only a freshened place to rest my head.

(And Billie, respectively.)

Happy spring cleaning to you, friends!

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