3am brain dumps on a darkened computer screen. Liters of iced coffee from my favorite local spot. Sweet potatoes and kale. Trying to stay quiet, always trying to stay quiet – don’t wake the baby! – tiptoeing to the bathroom to blow my nose (quietly). Sinus infection, Wild Kratts on the couch for the entirety of the day, not minding the latter. Ordering tiny animal erasers on Amazon, a stand-in for the toddler’s Squinkies obsession. Also ordering dishwasher pods, formula, ghee, i.e. clearly avoiding the grocery, or the act of putting on pants. Opening the windows (quietly). Finding my mind wandering to frivolity while feeding Scout, as in: What shall be my signature style for fall? Do I need a floral tunic? A boater hat? No, maybe yes. Showering at noon whilst reminding myself to remember to shower before noon (makes all the difference in attitude over here). Bee reading BOB books. Googling butternut squash recipes. Searching for the pacifier. Playing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (quietly). Missing yoga, attempting downward dogs in the kitchen. Jigsaw puzzling. Burning candles. Kissing baby toes. Ignoring the inbox. Sending thank you notes. Waiting for winter (quietly, quietly, quietly).


p.s. If you’d like to take a peek, my friends across the pond interviewed me here!

  • I love these snippets! this is life…these little passing moments. I’m glad you’re enjoying yours(quietly):)

  • Such beauty, such perfection, even (and especially) in the chaos. Thank you for sharing yours with me—and for helping me to see all that in mine, too. xx

  • I was thinking recently about that phase when Forrest would wake at ANYTHING, and our greatest fear was that we would hit the squeaky part at the top of the stairs after positively floating up that far with a sleeping baby and bam, you have to start all over. That phase. Ouch. Keep doing those downward dogs, girl, and I’ll do the same. xoxo

    • Ha —- we have that SAME spot in our hallway. Gracious, it’s a minefield, isn’t it? :) Here’s to the kitchen yoga that gets us through it all. ;)

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