When you get hacked on a Sunday morning, the Sunday of the week you’re officially announcing your book to your own little world, you feel a bit ill.

I’m working to fix it, but for now, steer clear of my Twitter page, OK? I’ll meet you here (or here) instead.

For fun, while I wait for tech support and for the quiche to cool and for Scout to wake, here’s a brain dump of everything I would’ve tweeted. C’est la vie:

Well, this looks like the best sandwich on the Internet.

10 words for emotions you didn’t even know you had.  (Awumbuk, check. Depaysement, check.)

Also, new word: tsundoku. (Checkmate.)

A super pretty (but super pretty pricey) incense holder.

On aging: “I want the thing that makes me look younger, not the thing that makes me look like I did the thing.”

Confetti for writers. Lorrie Moore anything.

Asking. This one stayed with me.

My favorite kids tees.

Recovering from legalism:“The truth is that once I’ve seen something one way, it’s hard for me to trick my eyes into seeing it differently.”

Daily letters to the ocean. Return to sender; this place does not exist.

A surprisingly good winter palette for you beauty fans.

A letter to Trump voters.

And a letter to Democrats.

And a letter to us all.

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