Summer Style Essentials 03: The Crop Tank

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The term crop tank conjures up all sorts of images for me, mainly of long afternoons sauntering around a studio floor in dance class (Motown Philly back again indeed). This is not that, although I sure didn’t mind those calve muscles a bit.

Here’s why I love the crop tank: it’s wildly versatile and you’ll never overheat. Pair it with anything at all. Overalls? Darling. Casual skirt and sneakers? Done. Denim anything? Yes way.

My only “rule” with crop tanks is to keep things high-waisted so I’m not actually cropping. Nothing too tight or restrictive, otherwise we’ve come full circle right back to Motown Philly, and you guys, I don’t think my abs can keep up.

This one is four seasons old, and I’ve yet to find a better version. Want to hear a tip to unearthing the crop tank gold mine? Find an old oversized cotton or jersey tent dress and snip-snip/hem at the waist. You’ll get a perfect swing that’s not too short or too long. Goldilocks-approved. In need of a fuss-free method? Here are a few solid options:

For a forever wardrobe addition, Made-in-USA fave Hackwith Design House has four goodies, all on sale: Caldwell ($70), Auten ($70), Wynonna ($67) or Lindy ($65).
For a bit more coverage, this side-slit tank from Cali-produced Sugar Candy Mountain is lovely ($150).
For a budget-friendly version, try this crop swing tank from ASOS ($13).

More summer style essentials up next week, and in the mean time, tell me: what are your go-to summer threads? I’d love to hear!

p.s. This ethically-made crop tee is just $34!

  • oh, perfect! The cutting of an old shirt is by far the best idea. Husband has many shirts that will be suitable for this! Thanks for the tip!

  • Well, I will admit, I haven’t been interested at all in your last few blogs…I do miss your insightfulness about life, your creative words to explain what comes from your head and heart…I am not interested about crop tops, tee shirts or whatever you wear. If I was, I would read clothes blogs.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Fredie – I totally get it! In the survey from a few months ago, I was asked quite a bit what I wear/use/love in my daily life, and I struggled with whether or not I wanted to share it. On one hand, I never want to encourage consumerism for the sake of consumerism. On the other, I know what it’s like to rely on everyday essentials that you love and that work well in real life (avoiding the trap of “more,” because what you have is plenty enough.) The latter is what I’m going for here, but I so appreciate your comment, and I, too, love waxing on forever with words and thoughts alone! I have just a few more of these planned for this summer, so please, absolutely feel free to tune them out. ;)

  • When cutting the bottom off a knit you don’t even have to hem it. They don’t seem to unravel.

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