Summer Style Essentials 05: The Linen Trousers

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I’m a denim girl through-and-through, both for their ease and durability, but when summer starts to shift into fall, I find myself reaching for a welcome substitute: linen trousers.

Call ’em cropped pants, or culottes, whatever you’d like. The fact remains: they’re the single-most versatile replacement for denim I’ve found to date. I prefer a style in blackest black, because it forgives all manner of sins from grass-stained knees to that time your toddler used your lap as a garbage can for her half-eaten cherry popsicle.

(Perhaps your toddler is kinder to your wardrobe. If not, black it is.)

I tend to go basic here and play by the rules. The silhouette offers enough style; no need to overdo it. I’m often pairing mine with my favorite crop tank (tee here) or a nice linen tee, or sometimes a dress rejiggered into a tunic for something different. Want to fancy it up a notch? Add a statement necklace to any of the above for an instant kick.

My favorite linen trousers are here, but oh, there are options galore. A few alternatives:

For a perfect throw-on-and-go with an elastic waist, try Midi Pants from NotPerfectLinen ($72).
For a more work-appropriate look, try this cotton poplin twist from Everlane ($68).
For a budget-friendly linen blend, try this barely-cropped pair from Old Navy ($30).

Tell me: what are your go-to summer threads to transition into fall? I’d love to hear!

  • Hi,
    A friend of mine gave me your book. I thourohly enjoyed your stories. Now I follow you on Instagram and continue to appreciate your pictures and the “good list.” Today you posted a this picture on Instagram and I was wondering if you can share where you got your front entrance benches shown in the pictures?

  • Love linen. Not only is it effortless, comfy and style versatile, I love that wearing it is a sweet health benefit. To linen and all its enchanting attributes!

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