Tonight, I hit 70,000 words on my latest manuscript. It still has a ways to go – two chapters and a conclusion, then it’s off to the publisher for edits – but, for whatever reason, this feels like a milestone worth noting. Could be the windows flung open, four bunnies and a robin playing Oonch Neech in the backyard. Could be the dusted-off Adirondack chairs, or the promise of a spring night under quilts, fireflies, Lyra. Could just be something in the air. Beginnings, I think.

I always said I wouldn’t write another book until I was old, or at least wise. But the question kept coming – How can you walk away from the Internet when it’s your living and your life? – and the answer kept coming – How can you not? – and it occurred to me that there must be 70,000 words between those two things.

Turns out there are.

  • Congratulations Erin – I’ve been missing your words, but I’m glad you’ve been creatively pulled in another direction. There’s a place on my bookshelf beside Chasing Slow waiting for your new release.

    • Laura! Thank you so much! Your encouragement is so very kind. I’ve been missing it around here as well!

  • ERIN! seeing this in my reader (yes I still read a few blogs and am subscribed to so many that don’t post anymore!) made my day. I have actually been looking at our last email from Fall of 2020 in my inbox a lot this week and thinking of you and your family, so this felt like a sign. I’m so excited to read this book and while my internet life was thankfully short, it’s something i’ve been thinking about a lot lately and I know your words will help me reconcile it all. I’m so proud of you and so excited. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. take care! xx Rita

    • Oh Rita, it is SO lovely to hear from you —- I hope you’re well and I think of you every time I think of MN! Such an encouraging note to receive – thank you for your kind words. I hope our paths cross again soon!!!!!

  • Ah yes! A book a will definitely want to read. 💛 I have admired the way you were willing (aka choosing) to step away from this. The real world is so much bigger and has so much more to offer. That being said, I’m always excited to read your blog posts when you do hit “publish” and very much look forward to reading your upcoming book.

    • Oh Amy – thank you for such kind encouragement! I so appreciate your words today. I hope you’ll love the book when it’s ready!!!! :)

  • Congrats! I didn’t realize you were writing a new book, and I will be SO thrilled to read it! Yay!!!! :)

  • You are really inspiring and I as a new blogger am really inspired. I keep looking at my laptop wondering what to write and this blog post of your made me realise that there are million of words and you can write a lot just be describing little things. So thank you very much.

  • I’m so excited to read this next book! I sent an e-mail to you about this in 2020 and your response helped so much. I saw you at Franklin’s W + F and I wish I would have told you then how thankful I was for you taking the time to respond to someone you don’t even know! Can’t wait to support this book.

    • Megg – you are so kind to share such encouragement and support with me! Thank you so much!!!! And please do say hello if you’re back in Franklin this fall – would love to hug you!

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