Holiday Cheer

For us, the holiday season often means a door wiiiiiide open (and the snowy draft to prove it). Chili bubbling on the stove, mulled wine simmering in the slow cooker, rosemary bread rising in the oven. Scents upon scents upon scents.

This year, I added Plant Therapy’s Cozy for Christmas set to the rotation, and it takes my girlfriends all of six seconds before they walk in and ask “What are you diffusing? It smells amazing!” (It does.)

Plant Therapy is owned by the daughter of an aromatherapist, someone who grew tired of the way essential oil benefits were often lost in a sea of MLM businesses and overpriced potions. She saw a need for a small, family-owned company to offer high quality products at an affordable price. No marketing schemes, no MLM tiers. So she rallied her family and together, they run Plant Therapy (including a KidSafe line with predilluted blends, plus an aroma plush for the pint-sized crowd).

It’s a refreshing message this holiday season – that we can be the change we want to see in the world, whether as entrepreneurs or mothers or everything between. And thanks to Plant Therapy, we can smell holly berries as we go.

To Buy: Cozy for Christmas Holiday Blends, set of 6 oils ($49) at Plant Therapy

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