Work & Whiplash

I fell into a bit of an impromptu travel season this month – three back-to-back trips with a weekend between. Just enough time to empty the suitcase into the laundry cycle, to re-roll and re-pack once it was refreshed.

I know two things: (1) I love this job. (2) I love this family.

I am learning that one is not in direct competition with the other; that separation doesn’t always mean absence, that these two ideas are not mutually exclusive. That life, mostly, can be compartmentalized until it can’t.

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Small Step No. 14: Feeding Your Family

I grew up as far away from the kitchen as possible, knowing full well there was likely to be a mother stirring a skillet of Tuna Helper in need of someone to set the table (kids are the worst, man). And so, without a solid memory bank of practice, my food knowledge and stovetop creativity

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5 Books I Loved This Summer

This summer wasn’t a summer of reading for me. It was a summer of shooing away a toddler from outlets, of teaching a 5-year-old the differences between a redwood and a willow. It was an outside summer, a keep-em-busy summer, a run-em-wild summer, and on most nights, we all fell into bed with dirty feet

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On Comfort

Head’s Up: Sponsored by Zappos The cucumbers are rotten and the news is all bad and it’s just that we really, really need each other. — This summer was a hard one over here. This summer was a hard one everywhere, I think, and we’re all still a bit raw from the scorch. The fires,

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Hospitality for Introverts

I am forever wondering if our quest for self-exploration has become burdensome, backwards. Enneagrams, Myers-Briggs – the idea of whittling down our complex personalities to a number and a few letters. Are we placing boundaries where they weren’t intended; living within confines that needn’t be there? While I love nothing better than a tidy definition

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Widen the Road

I’ve been thinking about abundance, and generosity, and about our modernized skewing of both. About how often our culture preaches self control, self examination, self care – misguided attempts at mastering the art of simple living. (Guilty.) Mostly, I’ve been thinking about 4-lane highways. — Have you ever been to Ojai? It’s been called the

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Bedtime Rituals: Stumbling Into a New Rhythm

Head’s Up: Sponsored by Huggies.   I’ll always be a product of seasonal living. Growing up as the youngest child to two schoolteachers in a small Indiana town left its mark: stay focused, be diligent throughout the school year, but summer? In the summer, all bets are off. Summer, for us Midwesterners, is a season

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