dear bee // 6.

Happy 1 month birthday, sweet Bee! I have a feeling you’re hitting a serious growth spurt, because last week’s fussiness doesn’t seem to be subsiding any time soon. But that’s ok – you’re a whole month big now! Time to showcase your personality, whether or not it drives your father and I absolutely batty.

This week you’ve been growing leaps and bounds. You’re awake more than ever now, continually begging to be cuddled and soothed all day long. You love taking “tours” of the house, where your father or I walk you through the kitchen, dining room and family room as you hold your head up to look at everything. Sometimes I’ll sing your favorite song, “I’ll Stand By You” as you cry. I’m not sure it calms you, but it’s a good reminder that these fussy moments will pass, and even when they don’t, we’re here for you.

On the bright side, you slept five hours straight this week (a new record!) and you’re eating like a champ. We love seeing those chubby little thighs – keep up the good work, little one. And in those rare moments when you’re awake and not fussy, you’ll smile the sweetest smile we’ve ever seen. It melts our hearts and makes those crying sessions so much more bearable.

We can’t wait to see more of those smiles. Until then, we’ll get through this rough stage together. Just as we’ll get through those rough stages for all the years to come.