guest post // dottie’s mom advice.

First off, welcome to the world, sweet Bee. You are so very very loved. I hope you will inherit your mama’s big heart, great fashion sense and giggly, addictive smile that lights up a room!

Speaking of your mama, I’d like to give her a tiny bit of advice:

Erin, you already have the most perfect little girl, which means you are already a perfect mother.  Please don’t doubt yourself or compare yourself to others moms out there.  There are as many different ways to raise babies as there are babies. After all, each baby is unique and all of them will turn out just fine.  If someone says you MUST swaddle your baby, but Bee prefers to kick her little tootsies sans swaddle, then that is perfect for her.  If she insists on sleeping every day on your sweet husband’s chest, then that is the perfect way to get her to sleep right now.  Remember, you two are getting to know one another and soon everything will be easier. I promise.

And remember to take care of yourself—especially during those first few months.  Take a nap. Take a walk without the baby. Get a pedicure. Take a nap. Get a massage! Take a nap. A nice two hour nap. Get your hair done. Did I mention taking a nap? These little respites (especially a nap) will help you be the best mama you can be.

Now, why don’t you go take a nap…