Registry Update: The Clothing

I absolutely missed the mark in choosing what I’d dress our baby in, so today I’m sharing with you what I’d change about this section of our registry. (Don’t worry – I’m making fun of myself, too. I must have the kindest readers for not virtually rolling their eyes at some of these choices a year ago…)

Babies are asleep all of the time, so having a stockpile of basic onesies that act as glorified pajamas are key. I chose basic white onesies in organic cotton for fuss-free (safe) bleaching of stains. (Note: If you’re having a winter baby, these long-sleeved onesies are good options, as well!).
Update: Yes, yes and yes. I loved these, and because Bee was a summer baby, she wore them daily. I will note that my original picks were a bit too big for Bee in the first few days, but that these fit perfectly. Also, stains were less of an issue that I thought, so I eventually phased out the basic white and dressed her in patterned onesies for the cute factor. A for this one.

Sleep sacs or gowns are lifesavers for middle-of-the-night changing when messing with snaps seems like torture (or for layering in lieu of traditional blankets). PAIGELAUREN baby’s classic sac is my favorite (and those mini stripes are just adorable!).
Update: OK, we kind of hated sleep sacs. We didn’t love the idea of changing Bee into a “nighttime-friendly” outfit during her witching hour fussiness, so she slept in onesies all of the time. I think we put her in this once? F for me.

3. BOTTOMS // QTY: 8
Separates are great for quick and easy changes, so pants and leggings can be lifesavers (these striped leggings at Polarn O. Pyret are adorable and great basics to mix/match). For the hot days where you’re out and about, a diaper cover is a great alternative (I love these organic cotton bloomers at Darling Clementine.)
Update: You guys. What is wrong with me? I don’t know why I thought babies needed to wear pants. Ever. I think it’s a bonus to being a baby, right? That you don’t have to wear pants? Now that Bee’s older and mobile, bottoms are a tad more necessary, but for around-the-house days (which was all the time during the first six months for us), pants were a no-go. And although I still love those adorable bloomers and leggings, we didn’t dress her in them once. (She did, however, wear leg warmers when we ran errands!) F- for me here.

4. SOCKS // QTY: 6
Surprisingly, socks are essential for those tiny toes. I love Trumpette’s Lucy’s socks not only for their adorable design, but they’re easy to spot in the laundry (and we all know how frustrating the missing sock game can be!).
Update: These socks truly are amazing. Bee wore socks every day and these never fell off – ever. A must! A+.

5. PAJAMAS // QTY: 4
Onesies can act as pajamas if you’re swaddling, but long-sleeved bodysuits are also good options.
Update: As soon as fall hit, Bee wore footed pajamas every single day. I love them forever and always (enough that I’m even designing a line of my own – no joke!). If I could re-register, I would request a ton from Polarn O. Pyret (note: they run large!) because the quality was amazing. We also ordered a few organic designs from Baby Soy and Burt’s Bee’s Baby and some lovely Tea Collection designs. A+ on this choice.

I chose a few just-for-fun outfits for special occasions or cute photo opps, like this cute and fuss-free bubble romper.
Update: I think she only wore her romper once for a family photo, but I can see her wearing a few this summer as we’re ending our winter hermit phase. B+ for this.

7. MITTS // QTY: 2
Baby nails can be sharp and unruly, so if you don’t plan to swaddle during every nap, baby mittens are a must.
Update: These are amazing mittens. Bee fell asleep scratching her face, so we kept them on her all.the.time and they never fell off. I highly recommend! A+.

8. HAT // QTY: 1
If you’re having a winter baby, a knit hat is a good idea (and too cute for words!).
Update: OK, so this particular hat was way too large, but we were sort of nuts about keeping hats on her. So yes, I’d re-register for a more size-appropriate hat (or maybe a few). B-.

9. TOPS // QTY: 8
Opt for tops with snaps at the neck so your baby’s head has plenty of space to fit through. Or, a muslin wrap is a nice lightweight alternative for summer babies.
Update: Tops? This was not a great pick for me. I never dressed Bee in separates because her belly would get cold, so it was either onesies or footed pajamas every day. Always. F- on this pick for sure. (Although I will add that snaps around the neck of any baby item make for a VERY good idea!)

10. CARDIGAN // QTY: 1
A cardigan to slip on for evening walks might be in order if the weather is chilly. (A stroller blanket will do the trick for warmer months.)
Update: I don’t even know if I need to comment on this one, but it was a huge F. We did purchase a hooded poncho a few months ago because Bee was old enough to sit in grocery carts and we’d leave her car seat in the car. But prior to that, she stayed in her car seat for errand-running, rendering a cardigan (or any outerwear) totally useless.

  • It amazes me when people dress their babies in outfits! Like you, both of my kids spent their first six months in sleepers (footed pajamas). They are babies and sleeping most of the time anyway, right? :)

    • Ha, right! Bee wore her first pair of “real” pants for Easter – for roughly an hour! :)

  • this is great! i only wish you had written it a few months ago ;)

    I’m only 15 weeks pregnant, but have been so excited since finding out that I did a bunch of shopping already (and all the early stuff was at least 50% a bad idea).

    thank you so much for letting me learn from your mistakes, too.

    • Ha, you’re so welcome – there are many more mistakes to come, I’m sure! :) And congrats!

  • You crack me up! Funny enough, I actually dress Stella almost every day, even though I am usually wearing sweats or comfy lounge clothes. I figure if I can’t look cute, at least she will :)

  • Amen to onesies and sleepers! A onesie and socks was Forrest’s uniform for the first few months, switching to sleepers as the weather got colder, and it’s only in the past few months when he started daycare that I’ve done onesies (long sleeved when it was colder) with stretchy pants. My biggie was socks, always socks cause *my* feet get cold, until the past few weeks – he’s able to move around better on his belly without socks, you know?

  • I don’t know if it’s because we started daycare at 3 months, but I loved dressing my girls in cute onsies and stretchy pants, once I was taking them to “school.” There were plenty of days when I took them in footed pjs (and pjs are my backup outfit of choice to leave at daycare), but I got tired of seeing them in the same thing, night and day (even though I know the babes could care less!). We did occasionally use cardigans in the stroller or baby carriers, but yes, totally unnecessary for the car seat.

    • Oh, I love hearing that you used your cute onesies and stretchy pants! I’m sure your “school” teachers just loved seeing her dolled up! :) And I can definitely see how you could get tired of seeing them in the same thing – I’m like that with my own wardrobe. ;)

  • I’m with you on almost all of these. Now that my baby is 1, I love having a cardigan, though! It’s wonderful to throw on for spring days (but I’m totally with you that it can move from the registry to the first birthday wish list!).

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