Swim Twins

Bee mostly dresses herself now, but every now and then I’ll find ourselves wearing matching-ish outfits (or doing matching-ish things!). So in the spirit of twins, here are a few mother/kid swimsuit ensembles for the young and the young at heart!:

For the Quirky Set: Lemon Peplum One Piece for Baby ($20) + Sicilian Lemon Bikini for Mom ($80)

For the Trendy Set: Graphic One Piece for Daughter ($25) + Marble Two Piece (Top / Bottom) for Mom ($170)

For the Classic Set: Seersucker Swim Trunks for Son ($45) + Seersucker Tank Suit for Mom ($98)

Tell me, do you dress your littles in a similar style as yourself? Snap a photo; I’d love to see!

  • Oh, I LOVE that need supply bikini! I often subconsciously find myself matching with my daughter. Since I pick out both of our outfits on any given day, it just tends to happen. I’m cool with us looking coordinated, but it truly irks me when people dress identically to their children, or dress their kids in the same outfits!

    • Ha, I could go either way, but I am SO with you on that Need Supply bikini. It’s a great one!

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